John Simpson - Autism Training and Consultancy
John Simpson - Autism Training and Consultancy

“So insightful! John really was an amazing speaker and had everyone in the audience engaged!”


“Brilliant speaking – I took away lots of ideas for my child.”


 “Interesting strategies.”


“John spoke honestly and with no ‘jargon’. He was down-to-earth and told us how it really is. He was inspirational!”


“Very interesting and real to hear of someone’s experiences first hand.”


“John focused on real life situations and addressed them in a way that helped me apply this to our sons’ lives in a practical way.”


“It was interesting to hear about how anxiety affects your day to day living and how negative predictability is better than no predictability.”


“Insight into ASD person’s perspective, especially special interests.”


“Interesting and very hands on.”


“So good to hear views from the other point of view and what effects our actions have.”


“A most interesting talk, detailing how an autistic person must feel.”


“Very inspirational to hear about life on a personal level.”


“Wonderful content – informative, insightful and funny.”


 “Gave me a greater understanding of autism.”


“It helped me to understand how my son might see the world and for me to realise how anxious things may be for him.”


 “The frankness of the speaker’s experience – ways to help with levels of anxiety.”


“It gave me some insight into what it is like to be autistic.”


“Insightful and relevant. It gave me more food for thought than the community care conference I attended last month.”


“ It has given me a better understanding of what my son is going through and explained a lot of unanswered questions I had.”


 “His experiences mirrored that of my adult son. He explained his condition very well.”


“I could find lots of parallels with my own child.”


“Extremely enlightening. John was inspiring and gave me hope for what it is possible to achieve with autism.”


 “Help to understand autism from the person’s point of view – can’t get this from a textbook!”

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